The festival of Diwali marks the victory of good over evil. The festival of lights, love, and happiness brings much-awaited hope and excitement across homes. Just like we light lamps of joy to dispel the darkness of evil and sorrow, similarly we can light lamps of knowledge to dispel the darkness surrounding your cloud data and applications in public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environments.

Shine the light into these 5 key elements to protect your data and applications in the cloud:

1. Classify and track your confidential data everywhere it is in cloud storage. Monitor File, Blog, Queue in Microsoft Azure; Standard, Nearline, Coldline, Archive in Google Cloud; Smart, Standard, Cold, and Vault in IBM Cloud; or S3 Buckets in AWS. Monitor your databases. Monitor your persistent volumes in Kubernetes. Watch over any personally identifiable information, payment card information, healthcare data, design documents, or source code you have in your cloud.

2. Shine a light on access permissions associated with any of your confidential data. Know if you have any public links. Know if you have universal internal access enabled. Know if an external third party has access to your data. Track user and service account access behavior. Remove risky access permissions and block high risk accounts.

3. Light up runtime visibility over your applications of networked microservices. Know how your microservices are connected inside your application. Watch for high risk east-west movement of confidential data. Watch for abnormal network activity. Spotlight rogue workloads and APIs if they appear.

4. Highlight and prioritize misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in the context of your running environment. See if they are associated with the storage or flow of confidential data.

5. Continuously assess your compliance posture with runtime visibility that gives you the details and information you need to meet your security posture goals. Dispel the darkness by shining light into your cloud. You can’t protect your applications and your data in runtime if you can’t see your applications and data in runtime.

Have a joyous Diwali!