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Monitor and Protect Your Cloud-Native Applications and Data in Runtime

Today, valuable data and critical cloud applications run in continuously changing IaaS environments that are under constant attack. The news is full of data breaches and cloud services exploited or knocked offline by attacks. Last year, an IDC research study estimated that 80% of organizations in the cloud had experienced a data breach within the preceding 18 months. It’s clear that existing security approaches using static reports, complicated deployments, disparate tools, and manual remediation aren’t working.
Cloud-native applications and the data they contain must be continuously protected or the business suffers. Static compliance reports and lists of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are not enough. Securing cloud-native applications and data requires continuous visibility and runtime protection that is data-centric, agentless, and automated
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1.) Protect Your Data In Runtime

  • Monitor your data everywhere: cloud storage, databases, container volumes, east-west traffic
  • Track confidential and regulated data: PII, PCI, HIPAA, design docs, source code, etc.
  • Detect risky access, public exposures, abnormal encryption, and unauthorized east-west data flows
  • Automatically remove data exposures and block hight-rist users, accounts, APIs, and workloads
  • Use native data classification or integrate to extend your enterprise DLP to your cloud

2.) Protect Your Running Application

  • Monitor and control your Kubernetes environment of workloads, microservices, APIs, and east-west traffic.
  • Detect and block abnormal traffic, unauthorized APIs, and rogue workloads.
  • Track vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the context of your running application
  • Protect applications with both micro-segmentation and network policies to isolate compromised assets and block threats

3.) Continuously Monitor Your Security and Compliance Posture

  • Automatically monitor compliance posture across multi-cloud: CIS Benchmark, NIST, PCI, SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, etc.
  • Automatically monitor compliance posture across multi-cloud: CIS Benchmark, NIST, PCI, SOC2, etc.
  • Continuously scan assets for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, secrets, and open ports.
  • Detect and block attacks generated by high risk user account access and activity
  • Prioritize action within the full context of the communications architecture and if sensitive data is involved

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Get easy-to-deploy, runtime visibility, protection, and compliance monitoring for cloud serverless, VM, and Kubernetes environments. Microsec.AI is the only agentless, data-centric, runtime cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) that protects your data and applications with data loss prevention (DLP), east-west network traffic control with self-healing micro segmentation, security posture management, and compliance analysis in one unified solution.