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Actively Protect Your Critical Cloud Data & apps in Runtime

Business critical applications must be always-on and valuable data must be continuously protected or the business suffers. Today, these resources run in continuously changing IaaS environments that are under constant attack.  Your protection for these environments and the data they contain needs to be continuous, data-centric, self-healing, and fast-to-deploy. Static, complicated, manual, and platform-centric options can’t meet the moment; it’s time to embrace runtime protection for  your multi-cloud environments.

Runtime, Data-centric, and comprehensive

Microsec.ai  offers runtime agentless protection for your cloud workloads, microservices, and data. Get the only cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) with continuous monitoring, remediation, and self-healing for east-west network traffic, data loss prevention (DLP), cloud security posture management (CSPM), and cloud workload protection (CWP) all in one solution.

Daily scans are not enough. Safeguard your valuable resources and intellectual property in runtime with continuous analysis and control over east-west traffic, sensitive data,  security posture, and compliance. 

Microsec.ai agentlessly connects to your cloud APIs and can  integrate with your service mesh to deliver continuous protection. Don’t limit yourself to solutions that only give a post mortem snapshot. Forget about complicated systems that require agents and/or sidecars. 

Microsec.ai is the only agentless, AI-based, responsive  CNAPP to continuously protect and self-heal your cloud environment in runtime.

Responsive Cloud Protection

One-click Discovery

Discover all your cloud, container, and sensitive data assets and their relationships with one-click

Eliminate Risks & Errors

Continuously detect, prioritize, and remediate misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities in your clouds and containers

Compliance Assurance

Continuously analyze for compliance with regulations, benchmarks, and industry best practices

Real-time Intelligence

Continuous AI-driven runtime monitoring detects and responds to attacks, malware, sensitive data, and new assets.

Control East-west Network Traffic

Automatically protect your system against attacks with AI-driven, self-healing east-west network microsegmentation

AI-driven Intelligence

Machine learning systems identify abnormal behavior to automatically alert and activate responsive policies

Deploy in Minutes

Connect without agents through an API connection to your cloud and optional service mesh integration – all without installing agents or sidecars

Protect Sensitive Data

Detect, classify, and secure sensitive data with native DLP or integrate with your enterprise DLP

A Multi-cloud container and data-centric Solution is Required

Cloud adoption is growing exponentially more complex and security incidents more expensive. Today we face a perfect storm of risk with most organizations managing dynamic container-based, multi-cloud environments full of sensitive data.

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Organizations using Kubernetes containers in their cloud

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Organizations moving to a multi-cloud infrastructure

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Internal error-driven incidents result in data exposure

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Data breaches also involve ransomware

From the CTO of a multinational cloud platform provider

This is how cloud security should be done. I haven't seen anything like this from anyone else.

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