Go Where No DLP Has Gone Before to Prevent a Data Breach

Protect regulated and confidential data everywhere in your cloud
98% of companies experienced at least one cloud data breach in the previous 18 months (IDC Survey, 2021)
“The main thrust of a data security program should be to prevent the unauthorized breach before it occurs.” (Legal Insights from Thomson Reuters)
Classify PHI, PCI, PII, and other confidential data to know exactly where your sensitive data is located
Eliminate public data exposures, risky access, and risky data flow with automated remediation policies
Monitor data encryption status and cloud activity to control access to your data

Detect and block east-west data-in-motion flowing to unauthorized services and risky workloads

Use the built-in Microsec.AI DLP or integrate with your existing enterprise DLP

Stop relying on security that doesn’t classify and track your
confidential data everywhere