Microsec.AI Security is committed to building a world-class network of partners who will deliver the solutions, intelligence, and security expertise that are vital to protecting your data and applications in the cloud.
Microsec.AI offers a unique opportunity for its partners to provide innovative security solutions and services to end users.

MSSPs, Consultancies, and Professional Services

Microsec.AI is optimized for MSSPs. consultancies, and professional services partners. Onboard customer cloud accounts in minutes. Create customer updates instantly with one-click reports and custom dashboards. Our concierge service is always open to back up your team at any given notice.

Value Added Resellers and Distributors

From flexible licenses to concierge support services, we pride ourselves on our resources available to our partners. Whether you have customers that want cloud security that is fast and easy to deploy as a SaaS or customers that need a customized private deployment Microsec.AI will provide a tailored solution.

Technology Partners and Integrations

Cybersecurity is ultimately a team sport and becomes most effective when companies collaborate together to achieve a common goal. Microsec.AI partners with cloud providers, software vendors, hardware vendors, and other cybersecurity organizations to create a long-term solutions.
Microsec.AI is an agentless, runtime Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) cybersecurity solution designed to both secure and protect multi-cloud IaaS and Kubernetes environments and data they contain – all in one unified solution.