A better way to secure your cloud

Microsec is backed by top venture funds, industry luminaries, and strategic partners. The Microsec.ai solution is an agentless, runtime Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) created to secure and protect multi-cloud IaaS and PaaS  environments, containers, and data in one unified solution.

  • One-click discovery and real-time visibility
  • Cloud security posture management (CSPM) with runtime monitoring
  • Cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) with self-healing microsegmentation
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)

Our History

We’ve spent years building solutions to protect SaaS, networks, data, endpoints, and more. We watched the growth of applications in IaaS and saw how complex, static, and limited their security options were. So we decided to build a better way to secure them. In a more perfect world, how should cloud native application security work?  Can we make it easy to deploy and use and still deliver comprehensive protection? Can we go beyond static snapshots to offer real-time, responsive security? We can. Microsec.ai is our answer.


“We envision a world where you get full visibility, security posture analysis, DLP, and responsive self healing security in run time all
the way down to the container level in your cloud.”
Mitthan Meena

CEO and Founder

Deena Thomchick

Chief Product Officer & Co Founder

Dganit Drusinsky

VP of Eng Front-end, Head of Design

Cindy Liang

VP of Eng Back-end


Sanjay Kalra
Jim Reaves
Bob Flares
Alan Grabene
Andrew wesbecher