Checklist to implement a

Checklist For Implementing A
Zero-Trust Cloud Native Environment

1.) Monitor and protect data, communications, and assets

Secure users/services/roles, devices, network communications, applications, microservices, workloads, and sensitive data

2.) Limit access permissions to only the resources that each user needs

Enforce Role-based Access Control (RBAC), Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), security attribute, and UEBA-based access control

3.) Harden workloads, networks, and credentials

Keep software up-to-date by securing data systems, closing unnecessary open ports, and require strong passwords or Identity Access Management (IAM)

4.) Implement network monitoring and traffic control with microsegmentation

Continuously monitor network traffic for abnormal activity, segment sensitive data zones in your environment, and use microsegmentation to isolate compromised workloads

5.) Encrypt sensitive data and workload connectivity

Deploy encryption for data-at-rest in storage, databases, and volumes

6.) Enact vulnerability management (CWPP)

Vulnerabilities are inevitable; deploy cloud workload protection, develop and follow a documented vulnerability management process

7.) Implement cloud security posture management (CSPM)

Continuously monitor your cloud for misconfigurations and remediate; most successful breaches take advantage of security posture misconfigurations at some point in their kill chain

8.) Automate run-time security remediations, processes, & policies

Save time and improve your protection by automating response and remediations via policy as much as possible

9.) Protect data with Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Monitor and control confidential and regulated data everywhere at-rest and in-motion in cloud to prevent expensive data breaches

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